Why Study Abroad?

Why Study Abroad?

Life is all about growth and upward momentum. However, sometimes, we get so overwhelmed with the whole process we can’t even figure out when and how to take the first step.

Don’t worry! This overwhelming feeling is part of the process. It shows that your dream is important. And an important, life-changing decision is often accompanied by fear, excitement, and determination. You have already taken the first step without even realizing it, which is amazing. Making the decision to study abroad is a massive decision.

Now you just need to take the next step and begin the selection and application process. Luckily you don’t need to do it alone. Excellent Connect to Global Studies (I know… It’s a long name. Just call us Excellent Connect or ECGS) will help all the way. 

First, let us first affirm your decision on why you should study abroad.

  1. Education

There is always the option of studying in your home country, but that’s not why you are here, is it? You are here to look for varied options. At ECGS we work with universities from all 7 of the 8 continents (We can get Antarctica as well if you are interested). This means that we can offer you educational options that will fit your budget and specific learning needs. Our partner institutions offer market-driven, practical training that helps equip students with skills and knowledge that will form a foundation, on which students can cope and excel (Get it? Excellent Connect 😅) in their profession.  

  • Expand your career

Studying a different system offers one a wide range of skills and knowledge that one would have otherwise not have gained if they had focused on one system. Additionally, just the fact that one is exposed to a different environment and different ways of doing things means that they will have a vastly different overview, outlook, methodology, and experience. This is one of the main reasons why those who studied in a different country and different education systems are more attractive to employers. It is recognized that they can bring on board different sets of skills and knowledge that will help a company move more toward more international standards of practice.

  • Work and Study

One of the biggest challenges to studying a broad is finances. But lucking, many countries allow student to work part-time as a means of gaining experience and earning some extra money. In most cases, the part-time job cannot earn one enough money to pay for tuition fees but they can substitute cost of food and transport thus lessening the burden for guardians and parents. Part-time jobs also provide one with an avenue to network and experience the working culture of the country they are in and gain valuable work experience. But, students should not be solely focused on earning money and forget their studies. Therefore, it is advised to only work when one’s academic workload is easy or over the long breaks.

  • Travel

Let’s be honest… You want to travel and see the world, right? I do too. Who wouldn’t?

Well, you made the right decision. Studying abroad offers one of the best opportunities to experience a new environment while gaining essential skills that will help you grow both professionally and socio-economically. There is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy your time while abroad. And no, I didn’t mean just travel and seek out new adventures while neglecting your books. Your first priority should be your education, but you should be open to new adventures. Experience the wonders that your new environment is willing to offer. Go hiking. Go to the museums and concerts. Visit that exhibition. See the wonders and sites. Be a tourist and experience all you can because this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  • Culture and Food

Happiness is homemade…. So, they say. But the world is your oyster 😏 when you decide to take the leap and study abroad. The world is filled with beautiful people who have different cultures, histories, traditions, and especially food. Studying abroad exposes you to all these different cultures for your appreciation. Do not limit yourself.

So, make friends, learn a different language, eat different food, listen to different music, and listen to stories. Don’t forget to share your culture, history, music, and food with others as well.  

And most importantly…. Enjoy the experience. 

There are so many reasons why you should study abroad. So, don’t doubt yourself. You got this. We will be with you through this journey.

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