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Sheridan Institute of Higher Technology

Sheridan Institute of Higher Education is the higher education initiative of Australian Baptist Education Inc (ABE). The name “Sheridan” is derived from the Celtic “sirideán”, which means “seeker” or “searcher”, and was frequently used in the context of seeking truth or wisdom.

Historically, the directors of ABE have been pursuing the development of a Baptist higher education provider in Perth for over 20 years.

Core Purpose

To offer higher education to those who are seeking to live an extraordinary life. To this end, Sheridan Institute of Higher Education will inspire its students to love truth, seek wisdom, embrace innovation and be instruments of peace in the world. 

Core Values

  • Adding Value to Society
  • Nurturing and Cherishing Christian Educators
  • Protecting Freedoms
  • Serving with Integrity
  • Practising Hospitality

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