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We are an all-inclusive solution to studying in Europe and Australia. Our advisors have over twelve years of experience in connecting East African students with a wide range of European and Australian higher education institutions. Our main goal is to understand you on a personal level and develop a tailor-made plan that caters to your individual needs. Our team will assist you during the application, accommodation, visa application phase, ensuring the process is as seamless as possible. Additionally, through our partners, help you acquire marketable skills that can help you adapt to your new environment.

What We Do

We are here to make your application and transition process as simple as possible. We will help you through the process of identifying what is the most suitable area of study for you and where best to place you based on your interest and qualifications.

1. Student Counselling

Know what you want to do?
At ECGS, we first help you understand how your academic strengths and weaknesses fit with your interests in an effort to guide you on selecting the most suitable course of study. We will also advice you on the relevancy of your chosen program so as to assist you make more informed decisions.

2. Application

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We will guide you on how to fill out the application forms, advise you on how to write captivating essays based on admission requirements, among other specific application needs.

3. Visa Application

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The visa application can be challenging and frustrating if one is not well versed with the process. Luckily, our experienced team will help you through this process ensuring a higher approval rate.

4. Pre-Departure

Ready to start your new life?
Before embarking on your new phase in life, we brief you on what to expect when you arrive. We will also give you tips on how to survive in the new terrain as well as connect you with other students on a similar journey as yourself.

5. Arrival and Accommodation

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Once you have left your home country, we will ensure you have landed safely, settled in well, and have successfully gone through the admission process before letting go off your hand so you can begin your school life.

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